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Around 90% of people who learn guitar give up within the first year.  
With the RalBar™ you can be playing songs within minutes –  not months – of starting to play, and skip straight to the joy of creating music.

In mere minutes you can be playing the chords to hundreds of popular songs.  And because the RalBar™ is a fully functional instrument, there is always more to learn and enjoy the challenge of playing more complex music.
Browse through the website to see how easy it is to learn and enjoy.  Look through our YouTube channel for more resources.  Subscribe to the channel while you’re there to get updates as we add more videos.
You can buy your RalBar™ in a variety of colours and finishes, as well as accessories to get playing from our online store.  Buy now, and you’ll be amazed how fast you’ll be a musician.
RalBar™ isn’t just for beginners – It’s a fun way for more seasoned musicians to easily improvise.  And it’s unique fret layout makes it a fantastic tool for songwriters.

“From the moment I picked up the RalBar™ I was blown away by its ease of use and craftsmanship.  After 15 minutes of playing around I was strumming songs I have always dreamed of playing with a real guitar…And it sounded amazing!

Collee Chappell